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At Random

Rhonda Bracey's blog, with some posts specifically on technical writing.

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AuthorIT: Creating a 2-Column Glossary in Word   (PDF)

How to modify AuthorIT objects to get a 2-column glossary in the Word output.

Bracey, Rhonda. CyberText Consulting (2003). Articles>Word Processing>Style Sheets


AuthorIT: Resizing Graphics using JavaScript Code

My client wanted screen shots in their CHM, but the screens were very large thus creating problems when printing a topic. With some help from Dave Gash, I got the large screen shots to open at 50% size, with a function for the user to resize them to 100% either all at once or one at a time. The function also toggled back to 50% at the user's discretion. This solved the problem of large screen shots in the online help, while allowing error-free printing to occur.

Bracey, Rhonda. CyberText Consulting (2003). Resources>Documentation>Software>DHTML


AuthorIT: Tips, Articles, Presentations, etc.

Various articles, presentations, tips and hints on using AuthorIT.

Bracey, Rhonda. CyberText Consulting (2004). Resources>Documentation>Software


AuthorIT: What's it All About?   (PDF)

As other Help authoring tools (HATs) fall by the wayside or the scuttlebutt about their demise gets stronger, one HAT that continually gets favourable mention is AuthorIT. Maybe you've heard about it, but don't know what it is or how it is different from traditional HATs. In this article, I cover some of the main features of AuthorIT so you'll have enough information to investigate further.

Bracey, Rhonda. CyberText Consulting (2004). Resources>Documentation>Software


CyberText Consulting: Newsletter/Blog

Lots of hints and tips for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, AuthorIT, etc.; cool URLs; interesting book reviews; pet peeves; and whatever else piques my interest.

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Reviewing User Interfaces

While user interface (UI) reviews often occur at the end of the development cycle, I recommend that you get involved early in the process, preferably when the designers create the initial wireframes or paper prototypes. Why? Making changes early in the process reduces development costs. Plus, if you identify usability issues early, it’s much more likely the team can remedy them before launch, preventing bad reviews.

Bracey, Rhonda. UXmatters (2009). Articles>User Interface>Assessment


Tips for Efficiently Editing in Word

I've been using Word since version 2.0, and thought I knew a lot about Word before starting this contract – I now know many more tricks to make editing in Word more efficient. I'd like to share some of them with you.

Bracey, Rhonda. Communications from DMN (2010). Articles>Editing>Word Processing>Microsoft Word

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