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Bizzell, Patricia

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Are Shared Discourses Desirable?

Some kind of shared discourse is needed for the shared work of the academic community to continue; and even more so, this paper argues that the nation needs some kind of shared discourse in which to address the pressing problems that confront us all.

Bizzell, Patricia. JAC (1994). Articles>Rhetoric>Theory


The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing

We hope that this online version of The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing will be an efficient reference tool. In the future, we will be able to update the online version more frequently. Moreover, we will provide direct links when possible between bibliographic entries and online versions of the resources themselves. Note that we include annotated listings for six online journals. To go directly to the World Wide Web page for one of these journals, simply click on the highlighted address (URL) given immediately after its title.

Bizzell, Patricia, Bruce Herzberg and Nedra Reynolds. Bedford-St. Martin's (2003). Resources>Bibliographies>Education>Writing

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