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Birchman, Judith A.

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Creative Techniques for Modifying Images   (PDF)

Images are an integral part of most page layouts. Documents such as brochures, newsletters or information flyers rely on images in many ways. Images can be manipulated to suit a particular design purpose. They can be used as backgrounds to anchor elements, frames to delineate regions or shapes to help balance the page. Images can also be used to add interest to a page by contributing shape, texture or color. To use images in a creative manner, it is necessary to realize that the image is not a static entity. Modifying images for a particular design purpose or to add interest to a page can result in a more creative design.

Birchman, Judith A. STC Proceedings (2001). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing


Image File Formats for Print and Web   (PDF)

Images such as illustrations, photos and charts are an integral part of most technical papers. For the person compiling the document for print or online venues, images present unique problems. Unlike text documents, which are readily transferable between applications and platforms, images need special attention. In order to create images which are an appropriate quality for distribution, the author must always be mindful of the format of the final output. The final format will affect how the images are created, scanned and submitted.

Birchman, Judith A. and Susan G. Miller. STC Proceedings (2001). Design>Graphic Design>Web Design


Using Design Elements as Page Organizers   (PDF)

Creating a visual hierarchy has always been the primary concern of page design. Whether the purpose is to instruct, inform or sell -- communication is the primary goal. The designer's task is to organize the page so that the viewer can easily find pertinent information on the page and in the appropriate sequence. The layout or appearance of the page establishes relationships between items -- what is most important, what goes together, what is incidental. Structuring the page establishes clearly defined areas to assist the reader. Design elements can be used to add structure to the page by unifying or emphasizing particular page elements. Although conventions for print and online documents may vary slightly, these techniques can be applied to both.

Birchman, Judith A. STC Proceedings (2002). Design>Document Design>Graphic Design

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