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Adjusting to Scrum   (peer-reviewed)

Scrum, the new development methodology in the Agile development family, is fast gaining acceptance in software development. But how can writers, who have little or no experience in any of the incremental development models, adjust to this methodology? And, how does the Documentation Development Life Cycle (DDLC) change in Scrum?

Bidkar, Prasanna. tekom (2011). Articles>Project Management>Agile>Documentation


Blogs and Online Help - Why You Need Both! | User Documentation, Blog Writing Service, Social Media Management

Starting a blog that supplements your online help or user documentation allows you to fill in any information gaps and has the added bonus of all Web 2.0 features.

Bidkar, Prasanna. RightMix Technologies LLP (2012). Articles>Blogging>Online


History of Tech-Writing Tools

In this article, I look at the changes dictated by the technological breakthroughs and research in technical communication, and the tools writers employed to make the information clear to the user. Most of the information in this article is from the Technology Review section of the STC’s Technical Communication journal volumes published from 1967 to 2003.

Bidkar, Prasanna. Indus (2010). Articles>History>Software>Technical Writing


Interviewing skills for technical writers – Things to remember | RightMix Technologies

Although most of the objective information such as what interface elements mean and the sequence of steps can be gathered from the development documentation, conceptual information comes from interviews with experts and other team members. So how do you ask the right questions? What skills and knowledge do technical writers need to ask the right questions? If the technical writer is not from the same domain, what can she fall back on to define the right questions? Or, how do we train technical writers to ask the right questions?

Bidkar, Prasanna. RightMix Technologies LLP (2011). Articles>Interviewing


Quality in User Documentation | RightMix Technologies LLP

Quality may be evaluated using three broad approaches: visible deficiencies or material defects, non-conformance to requirements, and customer dissatisfaction.

Bidkar, Prasanna. RightMix Technologies LLP (2011). Resources>Quality


User Manual Design History - Exciting 70s

The 70s are definitely not the beginning of technical writing. However, we can say that technical writing for computer manuals took off along with the use of personal computers. Let us look at the problems technical writers faced then and what solutions they came up with.

Bidkar, Prasanna. RightMix Technologies LLP (2013). Articles>History>Technical Writing

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