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Bickner, Carrie

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Down By Law

A library's core mission is to provide free and full access to a world of ideas. The most exciting thing to happen in libraries in the last decade has been to see that mission extended to include access to the Internet. New library services, funded by generous federal support, have made more Internet access available to more and more people. Now, those same sources may force public libraries to censor Internet access.

Bickner, Carrie. List Apart, A (2001). Articles>Publishing>Online


Modifying Dreamweaver to Produce Valid XHTML

Dreamweaver 4 falls short in its ability to produce well-–formed, standards-–compliant markup. SOLUTION: You can easily harness Dreamweaver'’s two greatest strengths, its flexibility and its user community, to make it one of the best tools on the market for producing good XHTML. This article will tell you how. With a few tweaks, hacks and extensions, you’ll be able to produce sites that validate, and to clean up legacy pages. Set aside an hour or two, follow these directions, and fall in love with Dreamweaver all over again.

Bickner, Carrie. List Apart, A (2002). Design>Web Design>XHTML>Dreamweaver

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