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Baharu, Yordanos, Eric Alvarado and John Arpino

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Empowering Faculty to Broaden Learning Boundaries: Making the Technology Transparent

How we leveraged Apple's iTunes U program for a seamless capture of in-class enhanced podcasts, developed a one-click iTunes U course creation solution via Blackboard, and more. This presentation will focus on how to make the implementation of university-wide learning technologies transparent and nondisruptive to the teaching and learning process. Why? To assist faculty in expanding their teaching strategies for a more diverse student learning experience. We created a technological infrastructure that allows faculty, independent of their digital literacy skills, to make use of existing social and instructional technologies in and outside the classroom.

Baharu, Yordanos, Eric Alvarado and John Arpino. Educause (2009). Articles>Education>Case Studies>Podcasting