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Ainsworth, Martin

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Compleat Compliance: Due Diligence on Companies and Individuals   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

Explains how recent legislation and the effects of corporate scandals have necessitated greater due diligence on companies and individuals. Gives details of relevant existing and forthcoming legislation and discusses how a due diligence process can ensure compliance with the law. Points out that prospective clients, employees and investors may all require investigation, and then reviews some of the information sources available for use in both corporate and individual investigations. Considers the impact of international developments, particularly in the light of increased merger and acquisition activity, and discusses some of the barriers to acquiring effective due diligence. Finally considers the applicability of selected commercial databases.

Ainsworth, Martin. Business Information Review (2007). Articles>Business Communication>Databases>Regulation


Market Data and Business Information   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

Market Data and Business information have traditionally been two disciplines that have been very separate with no overlap. However, changes in content and delivery now mean that the two professions are much closer than previously and many of the issues and content sets are now common to both. Looking at some of the issues involved we can see how each side can benefit from the experience of the other.

Ainsworth, Martin. Business Information Review (2009). Articles>Information Design>Business Communication

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