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Adams, Rae and Stephanie S. Babbitt

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Ethics and the Internet   (PDF)

Twenty million people worldwide are using the Internet, which began as as computer network service for the United States military. By 1998, more than 100 million are projected to be using the Internet. From TuppNet (where you can e-mail in your Tupperware order) to alt,flame, where its readers will abuse you us a matter of course, the Internet offers people information on almost any topic. However a number of issues have come to the forefront of Internet discourse. In this discussion, we will address some of these issues and how they can affect technical communicators and companies using the Internet. Topics to be discussed include courtesy; bandwidth use; marketing and advertising; copyright; and privacy, confidentiality, and censorship.

Adams, Rae, Stephanie S. Babbitt and Susan Farrell. STC Proceedings (1995). Articles>Internet>Ethics


The Ethics of Electronic Image Manipulation   (PDF)

Desktop-publishing software and hardware have become affordable, powerful, and relatively user-friendly. Consequently, with reasonable investments in time and money, communications professionals can now manipulate photographs and create visual images relatively easily in their publications. However such images may be used in ways that are, aside from legal concerns, not ethical. Technical-communications professionals need to be able to recognize manipulated images and to explore the ethical implications of creating or being asked to use such images.

Adams, Rae and Stephanie S. Babbitt. STC Proceedings (1994). Design>Graphic Design>Image Editing>Ethics

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