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Ajax: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting

This article aims to give you an introduction to the foundations of remote scripting, in particular, the emerging XMLHttpRequest protocol. We'll then walk through an example application that demonstrates how to implement that protocol, while creating a usable interface.

Adams, Cameron. SitePoint (2005). Design>Web Design>Interaction Design>Ajax


Fancy Form Design Using CSS

Forms. Is there any other word that strikes as much fear into the hearts of grown web designers? There's also an improperly held belief that the only way you can guarantee that a form displays properly is by using tables. All of the code reproduced here for forms is standards-based, semantic markup, so you've got no excuse for relying on tables now!

Adams, Cameron. SitePoint (2008). Articles>Web Design>CSS>Forms


Go Forth and API

To most, the virtues of Web 2.0 are rather ephemeral; that’s always been one of its main criticisms. However, I like to think that one of the movement’s key aspects is a sense of community, an ability to create sites and applications that bring people together.

Adams, Cameron. Vitamin (2008). Articles>Web Design>Programming>Ajax

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