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Embed a TC Library Widget in Your Site!

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The EServer TC Library generates RSS feeds for over 25,000 pages of items by author, category, or publisher, including this one:

Our feeds are 100% standards-compliant, so you may use any RSS feed management technology you choose to incorporate TC Library feeds into your site, if you wish. However, this form will permit you to generate a bit of static HTML code you may embed inside any website that will constantly show the most up-to-date entries from our index to your site's visitors. To the right is a preview of how the following widget might appear on your site.

This page will help you generate a bit of JavaScript code you can embed with in your website to display up-to-date information from the TC Library within your site. (No special software is required on your website; this works with all servers.) All you need to do is choose the desired options below, then copy the code from the field at the bottom of the page. Once you install the code in your page, it will automatically be updated when the TC Library adds new items in this category.

Customize the Widget to Display

Category to display

Maximum number of items to display.
Enter the maximum number of items to be displayed.

Show/Hide item descriptions? How much?

Target links where?

Below is the code you need to copy and paste to your own web page to include this RSS widget. The NOSCRIPT tag provides a link to a HTML display of the feed for users who may not have JavaScript enabled.

(X)HTML for your Site

Select and copy the following JavaScript, then paste it into your site:

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