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A Community-Based Library of Technical Communication

The EServer TC Library is a free, open-access, human-edited directory of online resources for people who produce, manage, archive, and distribute technical information. The community we serve includes technical communicators (such as technical writers), editors and publishers, researchers, illustrators, animators/multimedia developers, instructional designers/educators, web designers, instructional designers, user experience designers, and others who concern themselves with how to improve human communications. Our site is nonprofit and entirely free of charge, in the spirit of public research and scholarship, and collects no personally identifiable information about its users (see 'Policies,' below). Contents from our site may not be re-used for commercial ventures, however, without prior written permission.

This website is part of the EServer, a nonprofit publishing cooperative dedicated since 1990 to increase the availability of accessible writing. (See 'About the EServer' for details). The TC Library is based in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication programs at Iowa State University, and operates within guidelines established and maintained by:

APEX Award
Since it was first founded in 2001, the TC Library site has grown to become the single most comprehensive technical communication body of knowledge in the world. Today we offer free access to a database of 22,263 articles, presentations, and miscellaneous other materials of importance to the field. Given how the site is cross-indexed by category, author, publisher, language, date published and more, our site generates over 75,000 unique web pages of bibliographic data about published writings in the field (Google 2009).

In 2008 the site received an APEX Award of Excellence from the annual Awards for Publication Excellence competition, in the category for websites. APEX awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry--in the opinion of the judges--in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence. The members of our editorial and advisory boards are very proud of this award, and thank all our online volunteers who've helped to make this site an award-winning venture.

Some works in our index are marked with a lock icon ( lock icon ), which signifies that work is restricted by its publisher to paid, subscriber- or member-only access. These works are not locked by us, but by their original publisher. Many of our users may be able to access these works from our links due to active membership in a professional organization, or personal or library subscriptions. As a result, we choose to index such works within our catalogue. However, we cannot bypass publishers' e-commerce stores or provide access to works locked by their publishers. Some of our editors can't event access some of these works. We're sorry we can't help our users with access to works locked by their publishers. We would if we could.

Our Trifold Handout

If you're interested in more information about this site, feel free to download the PDF version of our tri-fold handout. The handout, which we distribute at professional conferences and when the members of our editorial and advisory boards make presentations, provides an illustrated, succinct overview of the site for people who haven't used the TC Library before.

Join Us and Help Make It Even Better

We encourage your active participation in this venture – in fact we need it.

· add works to our catalogue

Please volunteer by helping us enter new works into our catalogue. Every page of the TC Library has an 'Add a Work' link at the bottom-right of its window – click it, fill out a form, and an online resource you use (an article, mailing list, web resource, course material, or any other sort of useful resource – no advertisements please) will instantly become part of our collection. Your name – if you choose to give it – will then be automatically listed among our contributors on the right). You can also use our JavaScript bookmarklet to add works quickly and easily. Then, go find quality articles online and add them to our catalogue.

· rate and review the works here

At the bottom of the detail page for every work in our catalog is a form which permits our users to rate the caliber of that work, on a scale of from one to five stars. Please do this after you read a work in our index; your expertise will help other readers.

If you are inspired to write a detailed response to any work in our catalog, after you have rated a work is a form that will permit you to post a review of the work in question. Reviews are screened prior to publication on the site by our editorial board, but can be more helpful than ratings to permit our visitors to learn about how to read works in specialized aspects of the field. Reviews are extremely useful, and we appreciate our users who post them.

· fix broken links

Our site links to thousands of works published across the Internet. Sometimes these links become 'broken', because the hosting website removes the work or the maintainers change the URLs for a site. (They haven't read the W3C Guidelines or Jakob Nielsen's 1999 article against this practice, apparently). The TC Library allows our readers to identify such broken links when they occur, by means of a form on every work's page. Then, any volunteer may go to the TC Library's "Broken Links" list and, one by one, find new URLs for each work and click the 'Update this Work' link at the bottom right of the page to enter the new URL, and change the status from 'offline' to 'available.' It's not hard -- just time-consuming. Please help us with this. We don't have any budget or employees, and rely entirely on volunteers for this. You might find it's fun, hunting the new URLs of older works.

· link to us

We have many visitors: on average, almost 12,000 per day – about 350,000 visitors per month. (See our public usage statistics for details.) But they're mostly coming to this site from bookmarks, search engines, or a small number of referring websites. We'll become more visible, and be able to help more technical communicators, if more websites link to ours. If you run a website, we'd like to ask you to help us by considering linking to the TC Library or embedding an RSS feed from our site within your site.


This website abides by all EServer privacy safeguards and appropriate use policies.

  • The EServer TC Library (like all EServer websites) does not permit any advertising.
  • Ratings and reviews come exclusively from Internet visitors; this site will not offer preferential ratings or reviews for any publisher.
  • This site does not index sites that appear to be the marketing materials for commercial ventures. (We do link to resources, journals, or documents within commercial websites, which may well lead our visitors to explore those companies' websites more fully, but unlike some other portals, or site does not advertise businesses' websites in the field -- we link exclusively to content).
  • We do not index password-protected URL addresses (i.e., those in the form
  • This site does not collect any personally identifiable information about users (unless they register to post to our discussion forum, in which case it tracks only the information maintained by PHPBB, our discussion forum software). The TC Library has never and will never distribute any personally identifiable information about readers. Some aggregate information--such as popular search terms or changing trends in popular subject areas--may be published within scholarly research, as a service to the field, and we may employ outside log-analysis services such as Google Analytics, for support in our understanding of how visitors use our site. But this site will not release personally identifiable information about our visitors to anyone, ever.

Report an Issue

If you experience any problems or issues while using this website, please use this link to report an issue, and describe the problem for us. Our editorial boards will work to resolve the issue/problem, and you will receive copies of messages that will keep you informed as we develop solutions for the problem you report.

To contact our director, send e-mail to Geoffrey Sauer at

For media requests, contact:

    Angela Eaton
Texas Tech University
(806) 742-2500
(email addresses are not active in an attempt to avoid spam.)
 Geoffrey Sauer

Advisory Board
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 Dan Riordan

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